Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Which material is the best/strongest/most durable?

 Performance wise, one type of the material does not stand out as being better then the rest. We know that you really want us to say one does, but that would not be true.  Instead you choose the one you like the most. It’s as simple as that. 

I'm buying a wallet for someone else, how do i know which one to pick?

A wallet is a personal choice, we’ve learned that most people don’t change wallet styles.  Your best option is to choose a wallet that is most similar to one they already carry. For example, if they carry a bifold wallet now, then select a bifold style for them.  Remember, they can always do an exchange. 

Do you have other colorways of products you just haven't posted yet?

What you see here is really what we have.  We offer a DYO option in every wallet and gear bag style.  Build your own, choose your materials and colors to suit your fancy.

Can I buy RAGGEDedge Gear in a store?

We sell almost exclusively to the end consumer via this website or our our Etsy site. 

I was wondering what clear ID window material you use. I don’t want it to yellow, get brittle and crack when the rest of the wallet is still in great shape.

We use a marine grade clear vinyl that is used for windows on sportfish boat cockpit enclosures.  

There are other things in my life that I would like RAGGEDedge to make, if I send you an email and ask nicely will you make me one?

It is a huge compliment that you want more RAGGEDedge gear in your life.  That said, new product design is a long contemplated process and we’ve decided to focus our attention on the gear styles currently in production.