Bifold ID

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Bifold wallet with dedicated ID pocket.

Our wallets are known for their long lasting durability, even in the hands (and pockets) of people who consider themselves to be rough on their stuff. Built rugged; built for life.


laminate material repels water, sweat, grime
4 card pockets total, fits 4-12 cards
dedicated ID pocket
secret stash spot behind the card pockets
bill pocket
3.5โ€ x 4.5โ€

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Weight .085 oz

Black, Black / Blue, Black / Gray, Black / Green, Black / Orange, Gray, Gray / Black, WhiteX / Orange

34 reviews for Bifold ID

  1. Mason

    9/20 My very first wallet is a straight up bifold id, 9 years later… I’m getting the RFID one not because I need a new wallet, I want a RFID one… Love these guys.

  2. LStorms

    4/12 Ordered my first wallet from these guys in 2015 for my dad who went thru leather wallets every 6 months. These wallets really do hold up, my dad is still using his wallet 4 years later. This one’s a gift for my brother.

  3. Jason

    6/18 Back in October 2010 I bought a border bifold wallet from you.
    It’s the best wallet I’ve ever owned.

  4. DHanna

    4/16 Best wallets ever. I keep buying them for friends – had mine 4 yrs now, it will never wear out!

  5. Eric

    4/25 I have a Ragged Edge wallet that is simply awesome. I use it every day and have for years. Out of curiosity, is a hiking pack of any sort in the works or available for the custom bags in February? Seems like the combination of toughness and light weight for your products would make an incredible light weight hiking pack. Iโ€™m hoping to do the full AT one day, so a guy can dream!

  6. Cagney

    4/25 Two years ago I purchased this wallet. I’m happy to say that it is still going strong. No rips or tears or scuff marks. No stolen credit card numbers either. And I’m not easy on my stuff. Thanks for making an awesome product!

  7. Michael

    6/27 Just made my 9th order for a DYO bifold. Ordered my first one 5 years ago and still using it, these are great wallets and this company is very responsive. Like them a lot. My college kids have them, my brothers & now my Dad.

  8. Jill

    6/26 My husband loves his new wallet! It’s so much thinner and lighter that the one he was using. Looks like it’ll last longer too. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Jen

    4/16 I bought this wallet for my boyfriend as a Christmas present 4.5 years ago. The only reason we had to buy a replacement was because he sadly lost his wallet. ๐Ÿ™ Great product that withstood the test of time, but not human error. Ha!

  10. Bev

    1/30 This is the second wallet I have purchased from Ragged Edge. I bought my first one 3 years ago and it still looks brand new. I bought this one for my husband and he was thrilled. They are the sturdiest wallets you can buy.

  11. BWilkins

    6/28 It’s been a full year now and my husband loves his new wallet! He works on a farm and this wallet still looks like new which is amazing. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Isaac

    5/13 Just wanted to say how impressed I am with my wallet. I received my RFID Wallet I ordered off of Etsy 4 years ago now. And I’ can say that I’ve never had a wallet hold up so well. Its starting to look used. Not worn, but finally used. The edges have finally given up on being perfectly new looking. Thats it. After four years the wallet is starting to looked like it isn’t brand new. Every wallet Ive had in the past is ready to be thrown away by now. Besides being a very cool wallet(Carbon Fiber sail cloth!!) it looks to last forever.
    Thanks for making such a great product!!

  13. Sunil

    1/17 I purchased a wallet from you back in 2012 just shy of 7 years by a month. I wanted to let you know that I’ve still been using it every day since the day I got it. Every single day.

    I’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles, been through TSA more times than I can count, pulled out my ID at hundreds of bars, moved more money than I had to spend, soaked in the waters of three major oceans, been through more dates that have gone horribly poorly than I hoped for (okay, and some that went well), bought a house, got promoted at my job, switched through 4 cars. And in one way or another, this wallet has been involved in helping me through all of that. sunil

    I never thought I’d get attached to an accessory and tool like a wallet, but this thing has been around me for a long time, and it’s carried a lot of things. I guess that’s how sentimental value develops. And it doesn’t hurt that it looks as good as the day I opened the package.

    A number of friends and acquaintances have turned to Ragged Edge wallets and packs over the years, too. I’m always so thrilled to recommend things I truly believe to be well-built and functional items that thrive through everyday use.

  14. Dustin

    8/16 Just got my wallet, this thing is badass! It’s so thin, can’t wait to sit on it tomorrow. Dustin

  15. Richard

    5/21 Arrived a couple days ago, been meaning to get back and say thanks.

    Well, what a thing, superb. Though it still pops open if I put it on the table, I am sure this will settle. Even leather can take years.

    Love it, modern, hard as nails, a real looker too.

    All the best to the RAGGEDedge team.

  16. Andrew

    11/14 I just wanted to say hi and that I just go my wallet today from you guys.

    As a guy that looses EVERYTHING and just have lost my wallet again for the 2nd time, I had to go back to a tethered “chain” wallet.

    I like leather, but I’m real hard on a wallet. I was really pleased to find you guys and that you guys offer a “chain” wallet for the aloof / head in rear end guy like myself that was different then the norm and not being leather.

    The quality is fantastic. It’s a well thought out piece made of functional and durable materials. Good for you guys. I went to your site and learned a bit about you and saw the pics of the hand made / shop pics and made me feel even better about my purchase.

    From a small business owner myself, I have a ton of respect for the care in design of you product, attention to detail and sense of community.

    Looking forward to running this thing for a while.

    Thanks for a nice experience thus far and I wish you guys the utmost in success with your business’s future.

  17. Logan

    11/23 Got my wallet in 2014. It’s a great wallet. My brother and father are going to love their new wallets.

  18. Tim

    10/21 I can’t believe I’ve had my wallet better than 6 years and it’s just now time to order another.

  19. Mike

    6/4 Thanks for my new piece of art work! It turned out exactly as I envisioned it! It’s my 4th wallet and I’m getting a bag next! Thank you and continue the great things you do!

  20. Lou

    6/10 Hello! I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how thrilled I am with my custom wallet.

    I spent literally months deciding (actually tried using Photoshop to mock up my options) and finally made my choice. After ordering, I was concerned that I might have made a bad choice on the lining color (the neon green I chose vs the kelly green)– but when it arrived, and I was able to visualize it in person, it’s EXACTLY what I wanted. I wanted high visibility/contrast, and it’s all that. In fact, the glossy finish of the exterior adds sort of a “glow in the dark” look to the neon, but is nicely toned down by the black and gold.

    All in all, I’m thrilled. My previous Ragged Edge bifold (a standard one) which I purchased a couple years ago is still in virtually “like new” condition”, and I will either hang onto it for more formal occasions or possibly hand it down to my son (who chews through wallets like the teenager he is).

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH AN AWESOME AND QUALITY PRODUCT LINE. I think this experience has pretty much convinced me that I should try one of your large duffel type bags (because I chew through luggage like my son chews through wallets!).

    I love your products and your ethos. Keep up the Edge! I’d love to see even more products! Thanks again!

  21. Russel

    item is awesome!! well made, love the color. my only issue (which was MY mistake), was that it didn’t have a grommet for a wallet chain… but I contacted the shop owners and they said they could add a grommet to this wallet (and this is my favorite wallet from them)!!! this was exactly the solution i wanted, and they responded to my request next-day! I would recommend their products, and they are really cool people. AWESOME customer service. I’ve very happy to help support this company.

  22. Cal

    11/2 I love my wallet, had it four years now and the damn thing looks almost new.

  23. Don

    i’ve had my wallet for probably 10 years and absolutely love it. It’s even been “swimming” with me, no problem.

  24. Steve

    9/10 Can’t go wrong with these wallets, they are truly built. It’s the longest I’ve ever owned the same wallet.

  25. David Weiser

    8/27/13 is the date my wife bought me my bifold/ID window wallet. I’ve used it every single day since my Birthday on 9/2/13 when I transferred my items upon opening. There has never been a single day I haven’t had this wallet in either jeans or cargo shorts, perhaps a few dress slacks type days. In over 7 years here is the wear: I have a very slight fraying of the plastic material on the outside fold, only known to me by touch. You cannot really resolve it by sight. The wallet appears new. The second is a vertical tear of the window on the inside where it is stitched on the left, the length of a single stitch, about 1 cm. It’s exactly on the seam, so also not visible. Clearly it occurred only because the material was weakened in this location by the stitch. It took 7 years to do this, removing my photo ID for TSA, etc. I have my eye on another wallet. not because of wear, but only for aesthetics. I may do a DYO, I may go with the Classic. These days I’m not handing my wallet to anyone to look at my ID through a window. Buy with total 100% confidence, this material and craftsmanship will last a ridiculous length of time. I’m here now writing this because I was window shopping.

  26. Steve

    Fantastic quality and workmanship, a pleasure to own and use, wanted one of these for years and wasn’t disappointed! Highly recommended! So cool!

  27. Joseph

    Amazing wallet! Well made with great materials.
    All cards fit in snug.
    Super fast shipping too!
    Will show this to others for sure.

  28. Tom

    I purchased a Kevlar bifold with Kevlar thread through your etsy shop way back in the day. Well, it’s still in use but most of the Kevlar thread has worn or gone missing. The outer material has worn through a little at the top and more so at the bottom. This combination of wear has caused the black border to come undone and causes a decent sized hole at the bottom when you open up the wallet. I love this wallet. I have received so many compliments on it. It has been with me close to a decade now. It’s been all over the country. It has been my only constant companion as I have traveled thousands upon thousands of miles from home base in the Florida panhandle to Acadia National Park. Or out west to Joshua Tree national park and countless other places of interest. It has endured through many downpours, being submerged in everything from salt water to spring water. It’s even been run over. Yet it still survives. So I guess what I’m saying is you make a pretty durable wallet, one I may even have a sentimental attachment to. I’d like to know if it is repairable. Thanks for making such a wonderful and lasting product.

  29. Phil

    Sometimes it shocks me when I think about it. I bought this wallet in about 2004 or 2005. Iโ€™m still using it today. It has cracks and stretch marks. But still holding strong. When I was purchasing a wallet nearly every single year before that, itโ€™s kind of amazing to think about how great this wallet is. Thank you Ragged Edge gear! I wish it would break or tear so I would be forced to get a new one. But that wonโ€™t happen ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Sean Miles

    My wallet I have now is from you guys and it only lasted 10+ years. Great stuff!!!!

  31. Mike

    Toughest and best wallet I have ever had. Purchased my wallet back in October 2012. It has served me well and is still holding strong. People are always asking me about it and I always tell them about Ragged Edge. I bought one for my father as well who is tougher on wallets than anyone I have ever met. He used to replaced them annually, now heโ€™s been rocking the same wallet for almost 10 years.

  32. Phillip

    This is my third of your wallets…. that means I’ve been using a Ragged Edge wallet for the past 16 years. With the new one, it’ll be another 8 or so years of hard use.

  33. Jarad Elliott

    Might last forever! Im considering buying another one only because orange seems more fun. Its 2023 and im still using a black bifold ID every day since 2011. 12 yrs and every stitch has held up and it could quite possibly last me forever. And im hard on things like this. Im looking to get another, same thing different color!

  34. Andrew

    Simply the best wallet I’ve ever encountered! Treat yourself and the planet!

    After going through multiple expensive leather wallets (always fell apart after a couple of years) I bought a Bifold ID over a decade ago. If the quality remains the same they’ll keep me coming back for life. If every company aimed to build products that last as long as RAGGEDedge, our extreme overconsumption of resources would reduce by orders of magnitude.

    My current one was purchased in April 2014 (SKU 580201C), and only because I wanted a black one instead of the yellow I bought on sale in 2012. I wish I could include photos because it still looks geat. The only signs of wear are to the clear outer laminate layer, but just around the edges of the middle fold, and I only just noticed those now after realizing the ID window is dirty and thought to clean it. I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned it (I’ve asked them to add cleaning instructions to the FAQ’s), so after I do I’ll try to patch the laminate with some sort of adhesive to prevent further wear to the exposed fibers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted another 5 or 10 years, but even if it were ready to retire today, I wouldn’t think twice about buying a new one.

    Just make sure you buy a color you’re happy to grow old with!

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