Card Sleeve ID

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Minimalist card sleeve ID wallet; 3 separate pockets to organize a few cards and some cash plus a dedicated ID pocket.


laminate sailcloth repels water, sweat, & grime
3 card pockets to organize cards & cash
holds 4-6 cards and twice folded cash
plus dedicated ID pocket on the back
4.25″ x 2.75″

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19 reviews for Card Sleeve ID

  1. Robbie

    3/31 These wallets really do hold up to abuse. My husband got a wallet of yours a few years ago. He usually burns thru a wallet in a a year but he’s had his bifold for more than 3 years now. I got myself card sleeve ID and love it.

  2. Peter

    11/1 I absolutely love this wallet! Light. Fits everything I need. Fast service too! Perfect!!!

  3. BFR

    12/16 My teenage sons both loved these! Very well made. Got one a neon orange, the other a bright green. Bright color makes it easier to keep track of. Just big enough for the essentials. Just need to order one more and I’ll have one too.

  4. Tim

    8/29 I received a black card holder with id wallet for my birthday 5 years ago. I have been using it everyday since….. The thing looks practically new, after 5 years in my pocket. I love it and get a lot of complements on it….. If it ever does wear out, I will definitely get another. Thanks for making such a quality product.

  5. Kayla

    5/19 I purchased this wallet in 2015 for myself. I’m not a big fan of the big, bulky wallets typically styled for women so this minimalist wallet was perfect for me. 5 years later it is still looking great and functioning perfectly, aside from tearing in the outside ID patch from rigorous use by me. I loved the bright colors and the small size keeps from collecting a bunch of unnecessary items like promo cards.

  6. Joshua

    10/7 My wallet’s is a month shy of 6 years old! But I love it, and I love how it broke in.I saw under your warranty section that sometimes you might be able to make repairs. The ID plastic window portion of my wallet has slowly started to rip at the stitches. Is there any way to stitch in a new window? I doubt it looking at the construction, but I had to ask. It’s by no means a mfg defect –

    I suspect I’ll just be buying a new one, but with great confidence in the product, it’s amazing! I have used it every day since I got it, I am rough on it, I stuff way more in it than I am sure I should, and it just keeps going! Outside of a little yellowing on the ID window, and now the plastic ripping (which I’m pretty sure is because it’s over stuffed..13 cards, 2 id’s, and some folded cash!), there is really minimal wear and tear.

  7. Rodney

    9/10 After speaking with you all for my DYO ID sleeve RFID, I’ve been enjoying it as my daily driver for almost 15 months now.

    Stays sweaty in my front or back pocket close to 365 in an industrial manufacturing plant environment. This thing is tough!

    Pros I Wanted From the Get Go :
    1. High Visibility
    2. Light weight
    3. Slim
    4. RFID

    It has easily accomplished everything.
    Thank you kindly, Rodney

  8. Roger

    6/18 Hi RaggedEdge,
    this is my 3rd wallet from you. Haven’t worn them out… my first was a trifold, wanted a bifold, got the big hipster, now I want something smaller for weekends, the hipster doesn’t fit well in board shorts.
    I wanted something different (of course), something that makes me smile every time I pull it out. I went for Red on Blue on bright blue. If you have any better ideas, if there is some color combo that is making you smile, go for it, surprise me, blow my flip flops off, have fun.

  9. Mark

    2/18 I ordered one for my wife as a gift when I was ordering myself a new bifold. She loves this! So easy to tuck in a pocket. Mark

  10. Terry

    1/22 Bought one of these probably 6 years ago. Can’t believe how long it lasted considering I carried it every day. Finally needed a new one and ordered myself a DYO version.

  11. Dave

    3/19 My second card sleeve from these guys. Really well made, good little US company to support, makes great products.

  12. Pete

    4/12 Ordered one of these for those times when I don’t want to carry by big Hipster. It’s great. Same quality build, I expect I’ll have it for a very long time. I’ve carried it rafting, hiking, biking & camping. Perfect for a couple of cards, Dl & emergency cash.

  13. Paul

    11/22 Got my first card sleeve as a gift quite a long time ago. Great wallet. Just ordered myself a DYO replacement.

  14. Jenn

    2/9 Wanted a slim, RFID blocking wallet. After looking at LOTS of wallets, both on and off Esty, I saw their rugged mens minimalist and only regretted it wasn’t RFID blocking. When I messaged the seller, they said they were actually in the process of creating one, maybe ready in a month or so. Not even two weeks later, the seller contacted me that the product was ready early – hurray! Ideally, I would have liked more color, but I needed something ASAP, and this was perfect in all other respects. Ordered it and it arrived 3 days later. Is exactly as pictured and fits my ID, 4 additional cards, and some folded cash (stashed behind ID) just great. Could probably fit another card or two. Fits neatly in my back pocket, coat pocket, or a small clutch. The sporty look of it works for me. All around a great experience!

  15. Michael

    1/27 I travel all over the country for work and am very conscious of identity theft and other credit scams. I may not be able to entirely credit my RFID wallet, but this is my second RFID wallet from Ragged Edge in the last few years and have never been compromised.

  16. Matthew Cook

    These are exceptionally well made. I have gone through a lot of wallets, they are either poorly made with cheap materials or just don’t fit the bill. This one is going to stay around for a long time. Excellent profile, holds cards and ID very well and fits in the pocket nicely. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is that I would expect from a wallet triple the cost.

  17. James

    I’ve had my black card sleeve ID for 4+ years and it has suffered a rough life and shrugged it off. I bought this wallet because I am in salt water 3 times a week and it goes directly in my wet pocket and survives.
    I just bought my second one. GREAT customer service also!

  18. Matt Bentti

    10/10 Amazing product, bought my card sleeve probably 8 years ago? Still works just fine! Wife thinks it’s looking a BIT RAGGED so I’m back to grab a fresh one!

  19. Lee

    I have one of the OG versions with the natural kevlar thread running thru the cloth. It’s been abused for nearly 12 years (bought in early 2012) and it won’t die. Lots of minimalist wallets out there but they won’t touch this one. Super comfortable in the pocket as opposed to a hard shell one like most on the market. And it’s as roomy as I need. I can carry 4-5 cards, plus DL and digital business card in the ID holder, plus several thin insurance cards and 20-25 bills in it. I can’t imagine needing more capacity than that.

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