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Carryall gear bag a bag any man is happy to carry. Built to work;  it’ll haul as much weight as you feel like carrying. The most utilized bags we own, these carryalls are ridiculously durable and useful. Not just for groceries, they haul anything. Sides always stand up, making it easy to load, and the flexible body allows you to put weird things in it.

Cleanup, should you need it, is simple and fast. Hose ’em out and hang them up to dry. Couldn’t get any easier than that could it?

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14 reviews for Carryall

  1. Craig

    2/22 My wife and I picked up one of these tote bags in 2006ish at a regatta in south Florida. That’s 13 years. We still have it and use it; I cannot believe how well it’s held up. It’s a lot softer now and folds flat real easily. But when you open it up and set it down, it stands up all on it’s own with makes it much easier to load up. We have the two handled version, they are padded enough to make it easier to carry when it is heavy and they are long enough for me to put it over my shoulder when I need to. It probably is the first bag we choose. Boating. Pool. Groceries. Travel. Shopping. Whatever. Our original is a gold kevlar with blue webbing. I just ordered 3 DYO Carryalls. One more for us and two as gifts.

  2. Sam

    3/16 Love the carryall. Used it to carry stuff for the kids soccer games and swim meets. It’s perfect for wet stuff & smelly stuff. Rinses out easy, dries quick. Stuffed it full at the first farmers market this weekend. Got lots of comments. Well made.

  3. Nancy

    4/26 These bags are fabulous. I bought one a very very long time ago, so long ago it has their old school ribbon label around the top edge. I got the carbon fiber black version so my husband and boys wouldn’t mind carrying it (and they don’t). By far out most used bag, it now has it’s own hook by the door. It’s true, the material is a lot softer now but all the stitching has held up, the bag will stand on it’s own and the zippers all still work. Stuff has spilled it in or on it, you really do wipe it with soapy water, rinse with a hose, and hang to dry. It’ll dry in a few hours on a windy day or in an afternoon and be ready to use, not like a canvas bag that takes literally days. I was so glad to see that RAGGEDedge was offering these again. I bought one more for us, I’ll be back to purchase some for gifts.

  4. Dianne

    5/02 OMG, when we got ours at a jr sailing regatta in Florida it was called a boat tote, that was over 10 years ago. We use this bag all the time. Ours is a gold kevlar with blue, the material has gotten soft and it’s showing a little wear but the stitching is still pretty much perfect and the bag still stands up all by itself which really does make it easy to pack and unpack. Best tote bag ever.

  5. Henry

    5/10 My wife thought I was crazy when I ordered this. It’s so much better than using a canvas bag. Lighter, easy to pack. folds up nice and looks fabulous so you can take it anywhere. Other people are right, washes out easy and dries quickly. We’ve only had it a couple of months and it’s the first bag my wife picks up now when she needs something like this. So well made I think we’ll have it a very long time.

  6. Tom

    6/17 I’ve had a wallet by these guys for years, way longer than I’ve ever had any other wallet so I thought I’d try one of their gear bags. This things a beast, really well made, I’ll bet we’re still using it in 20 yrs.

  7. Susan

    6/5 I’ve had one of these tote bags for about 10 years now and still love it. We use this alot.

  8. Dave

    7/11 Bought this bag for packing stuff to take out on the boat, towels, sunscreen, etc. It’s the best boat bag we’ve ever used. Light, doesn’t absorb water and dries quick. We use it at the market too, if you’re not careful, you can pack a lot more in it than you want to carry.

  9. Sean

    7/29 Until you have one of these, you are simply not going to believe how great a bag it is.

  10. James

    7/29 The carryall, wallet & kit arrived in perfect condition and are just stupendous. Thanks so much for making such great products. They are fairly priced, in my opinion, and should last long enough to be heirloom items.

  11. Dave

    10/16 You can go wrong with this one. Easy to pack. Easy to take with empty, Light. Cleans easily. It’s become everyone’s favorite bag to grab when they need one for something.

  12. Vicki

    11/26 My husband has had one of their wallets for 7 years. It’s the best wallet he’s ever had. Same can be said for these bags. We’ll probably still be using it 20years from now.

  13. Pete

    11/26 I’ve had this bag a couple of months. Been to the beach, fishing, kids soccer games, swim meets, trips, etc. There’s not an thing we’ve gone to without it. Wish I’d bought it sooner.

  14. Catherine

    12/6 We have just recently experienced the sheer awesomeness that is Ragged Edge!! In just the few weeks that we’ve had our bag, we have used it to go picnicking, out to the pool, and a few trips to the dog park. It’s durable, easy to clean, and I look good while rockin’ it. Thank you so much Ragged Edge! WE ARE BIG FANS!”

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