Classic Bifold

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Classic style 6 card pocket bifold wallet.  The left card pocket section is open at the top for easy access; behind the right card pocket section is a hidden stash spot.   As always, built tough, made right; known for durability even in the hands of those proven to be rough on their stuff.


laminate material repels water, sweat, grime
6 card sleeves hold 6-18 cards
bill pocket
stash spots behind the card pockets
3.5” x 4.5”

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Weight .085 oz
Dimensions 4 × 5 × .25 in

Black, Black / Blue, Black / Gray, Black / Orange, Black / Red, WhiteX / Orange

57 reviews for Classic Bifold

  1. MarriedinOrlando

    This wallet was a gift from my wife at a time when I loved the wallet I was carrying and I’m a creature of habit. That said, I also loved everything about this wallet. Regardless it sat unused for many months until I finally gave it a chance. First impressions were that it was impossibly thin and light. I worried about the durability of the clear part of the wallet. At nearly 5 years old it’s only now showing signs of wear at the crease. 11/7/2019: I’m only here now looking at what models they’ve come up with. I’d probably go with this very same model again. No yellowing or tearing of the clear photo ID section. That said I never hand my wallet to anywhere so I may not get a window next time and stick with the Classic for the additional slot and card carry capacity. This wallet really is amazingly durable, thin, light and well made.

  2. Chris

    9/27 Impressed so far after 1 day. Materials and stitching look and feel solid. This wallet is slimmer than my old one, which I like…it made me get rid of cards I don’t need.
    Can’t wait to see how it performs in the rain and after extended use.

  3. Jack

    11/10 Great wallet. I’ve had a card sleeve for years and years and years. Getting a bifold to carry more stuff when traveling. Love that I’m buying from a small US business.

  4. Cal

    11/2 I love my wallet, had it four years now and the damn thing looks almost new.

  5. Tim

    10/21 I can’t believe I’ve had my wallet better than 6 years and it’s just now time to order another.

  6. Don

    10/19 i’ve had my wallet for probably 10 years and absolutely love it. It’s even been “swimming” with me, no problem.

  7. Gary

    7/1 Have the olive kevlar wallet. Got in 2014. Still have it today. I work on a jobsite, I’ve never had a wallet last this long.

  8. Jared

    6/30 I own and carry a wallet I purchased from you approximately 2 years ago. The wallet is awesome!! It almost looks brand new (and I am rough on wallets and many other things). I am starting to believe the wallet is indestructible! Kudos to you and your staff for an incredible product.

  9. Richard

    6/30 Ordering another for my brother. Got mine more than a year ago. Thought I’d update my review. I mentioned that at first the wallet popped open when I left it on a table. It didn’t take very long to settle tho, faster than my last leather wallet. And, better yet, the wallet still looks like new even tho I’m really hard on wallets and usually need to get a new one every 12-18 months.

  10. Chris

    4/3 Wife got me one of these as a birthday gift last year, this thing’s a beast. Simply awesome. Thin. Light. Still looks brand new after a year of daily use. Ordering one for my Dad.

  11. Mark

    4/22 Love my original wallet, it’s maybe 5 years old now. Stocked to see they make a RFID blocking one, I still use the first one but I’m ordering one of these. Great wallets.

  12. Mike

    5/6/ Yep, this is the 7th wallet I’ve ordered from these guys. Mine is maybe 6 years old now. I got them for my son’s, my dad, & now all my brothers have one too.

  13. Vic

    5/10 Second wallet from these guys. Had the first one for quite a few years, it’s so well made it still looks almost new. Had all my credit card numbers stolen so I decided to get one of these and even the odds a bit.

  14. Steve

    5/15 Omg, I’ve had my original RAGGEDedge wallet 10 years. It’s a little worn and totally soft now as opposed to the crispy stiffness when I first got it. But really? A wallet lasts 10 freaking years? Just ordered one of these RFID blocking bifolds, I figure I’ll have it forever.

  15. Cassie

    6/21 Approx two years ago I bought a bifold wallet. I’m happy to say that it is still going strong. No rips or tears or scuff marks. And I’m not easy on my stuff. Thanks for making an awesome product!

  16. Sue

    5/29 My husband works at a site. He has had his olive Kevlar one for 6 years!!! Amazing wallet guys

  17. CaptBill

    2/11 Found you through a friend and purchased a bifold wallet 4 years ago. I fish a lot and am pretty tough on things. I have to admit that wallet is still looking good. It cleans up easily too. Absolutely perfect for me. Great workmanship.

  18. Amy

    12/18 Whoa, this totally exceeded my expectations. Arrived faster than I thought possible, and the materials & stitching seem indestructible.

  19. Hileja

    2/21 My boyfriend love this! He finally has a wallet that won’t die on him. Thank you for making his Valentine’s Day!!!

  20. Gtcoogee

    9/4 Living up to expectations. Great wallet. I’m a wallet destroyer and haven’t been able to ruin this one. Well made & very durable.

  21. Charles

    6/28 Fantastic – my law partner wanted one as well after he saw mine. It is a great too!. I’m considering a briefcase now that I know how well made your products are.

  22. Lansing

    7/30 Awesome construction, great look, quick shipment. Will be a return customer.

  23. Geoff

    8/18 Just received the wallet in the mail today only 9 days after placing the order… In rural Australia. Product rocks- super quality and good looks.
    Only one problem … Now I want a gear bag!

  24. Eric

    10/13 Arrived within a week of purchase. As some people have indicated it is a little stiff, though, most wallets are at first. It is a bit larger than my old wallet but once it’s been broken in I doubt I’ll notice. It is much lighter & thinner than my old leather wallet. Love it so far, already receiving compliments and I’ve had it less than a week!

  25. Rachael

    12/13 I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband and it arrived within days. Problem is, now I’ve got wallet envy. The real thing looks even better than the website pictures and I think it’s safe to say that my husband won’t need to replace this every 10-14 months like he’s done with wallets since I’ve known him. Maybe with the money he saves on wallets, he could buy me some Ragged Edge gear. Just a thought.

  26. Chris

    3/12 Rugged beautiful construction going to last me many years here in the tropics. Tropical conditions eat leather wallets with an appetite.

    Lucky I got this one and nothing smaller as it is fully populated now.

    Very “classy” looking to boot, nothing but compliments so far.

    Excellent snug fit for all cards.

    Did I mention quality and so why not again.

  27. Gil

    2/25 Shipped internationally and received within 11 days, SUPER fast!! Can’t believe how thin and light this wallet is. Much nicer than my leather wallet. Thank you!

  28. Deziner1

    7/26 just bought this wallet to replace a identical wallet that I purchased 7 years ago, the old wallet is still useable but showing wear…. but it is 7years old.

    Awesome products from a Great company with Terrific people behind it.

  29. Adam

    7/12 This is crazy, I’ve had my wallet 5 years now and still do not need a new one. My brother needs a wallet so I’m ordering him one.

  30. Dean

    3/8 This is the best wallet I’ve ever had. Didn’t think it would last when I got it as a gift a 3 years ago. I was wrong. It is really well made and super thin and light as compared to a leather wallet. I really like it; I’ll order a DYO when this one finally wears out. Thought I’d leave a review. Going to get a toiletry kit now.

  31. Harry

    9/1 It’s true. Wallets by this company are awesome. Mine is 4 years old now and hardly showing any wear. Just ordered a toiletry kit. I’ll bet it’s awesome too.

  32. Jack

    2/21 I fish a lot.The wallet wipes clean real easily and is wearing like a tank meaning not at all. Got a bright color so I could see it if I dropped it in the water. Kinda stiff when I got it, I like it a lot now. Looks like it might be the last wallet I buy.

  33. Manny

    10/8 These are great wallets. I got one cause my friend had one and really liked it. I’ve had mine 3 years now, looks almost new. Like that they are really made in the USA. Saw the newsletter with the special Flame wallets, had to check them out. Thinking about getting one.

  34. Lee

    12/10 Like my wallet a lot. Might be the best wallet I’ve ever owned. It’s thin and light and does not bother my back. Had it awhile now, maybe 3 years? Ordering one as a gift for my brother today, he needs one.

  35. Bill

    2/3 Customer service with this guys is awesome. I ordered the wrong wallet, i contacted them and they fixed my order right away no problem. My order shipped and arrived super quickly as promised. Love the wallet, so much lighter and thinner than my old one. Looks like it really will last a long time.

  36. Pete

    3/13 Really does hold up. Hey guys, really dig your wallets. I still use my original one, must be 7 years old now. Ordering this one for my nephew. Keep up the good work.

  37. McKinnen

    7/26 We ordered your Mens Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet – Black seven years ago and it still does not show any wear what so ever. My husband still loves it. Thank you so much for such a high quality item, we can’t say such a thing about most mainstream products these days! Wasn’t sure where to leave this updated review, still 5+++ stars from us!!

  38. Richard

    6/30 Ordering another for my brother. Got mine more than a year ago. Thought I’d update my review. I mentioned that at first the wallet popped open when I left it on a table. It didn’t take very long to settle tho, faster than my last leather wallet. And, better yet, the wallet still looks like new even tho I’m really hard on wallets and usually need to get a new one every 12-18 months.

  39. Jason

    3/10 Just a reply to say thank you for my new wallet.
    Glad I ordered a DYO replace first RAGGEDedge wallet that is more than 6 years old.
    I really like it, so glad I chose the blue liner and orange stitching.
    The colors really stand out the way I wanted them to.

  40. Frank

    4/18 Great wallet. Really well made. I’ll have it for years.

  41. Rook

    2/25 I’ve had one of these 6 years now, It must be bullet proof. Just now showing any wear and I use it every single day.

  42. Dave

    2/16 I received a blue folder made by these guys at a health seminar. The folder came packed with all the materials for the seminar. Truthfully you don’t keep most of the giveaways from seminars and meetings. Consider this folder a successful delivery system because years later this folder is still in daily use. I’ve repurposed it, of course, but it lives on my desk and I use it daily. I can always find it, wipe it clean and it looks almost as good as the day I got it.

  43. Jason

    6/30 Back in October 2010 I bought a border bifold wallet from you.
    It’s the best wallet I’ve ever owned. 10 years and time for another.

  44. ABelkin

    2/1/10 This is the second wallet I have purchased from Ragged Edge. I bought my first one 3 years ago and it still looks brand new. I bought this one for my husband and he was thrilled. They are the sturdiest wallets you can buy.

  45. Steve

    1/3 This was a gift for my 26 y/o son and he loves it! It has a unique look to it, not something that everybody else is carrying around, and it is very well made. Shipping was really fast! Thanks!

  46. David

    5/19 I’ve never had a wallet hold up so well. I’ve had my RFID wallet well over 3 years now and Its starting to look used. Not worn, but finally used. The edges have finally given up on being perfectly new looking. That is it. Every wallet Ive had in the past is ready to be thrown away by now. I think it might last forever. How cool is that?

    Thanks for making such a great product!!

  47. Rodney

    6/16 Your wallets just work! I bought my dad the bifold RFID 3 years ago to date nearly 6-14-14. I know I know – – everyone says that they “abuse” their gear – wallets especially; however, my Dad truly is the definition of dirty hard work. It never leaves his back pocket – surviving 3 years is a feat in its own right so thank you!

  48. Henry

    4/12 Got my first wallet from these guys in Florida in 2004 while we were traveling doing 420 regattas with my daughter. It only had 4 card pockets back then. I used it till 2011 when my wife bought me one of these RFID ones for as a gift. So that’s 7 years of using the same wallet. That’s 9 years for the second wallet. Now I’m ordering my third.

  49. John

    5/16 My sister got me one of these a few years ago because she knew these guys and wanted to support their company and what they were doing. It’s the best wallet I’ve ever had. I’m hard on my wallets and have already had this one longer than any other. The fact that it’s made in the USA by super cool folks makes it even better.

  50. Thomas

    Killer wallet man. It’s tougher than any leather wallet I’ve ever had cause I’m still using it after three years. Getting one for Pops, want to give him a challenge, he destroys wallets.

  51. Aaron

    Purchased my original on Sep 1, 2010. Finally time to get a replacement in 2021.

  52. Rich Agee

    Purchased August 2013… years of beatings . Finally time to order a new one.

  53. Keith Russell

    Bought one of your wallets on Amazon over 7 years ago. It has taken a beating and still functional but ready to be retired.

  54. Brad

    Unfortunately I lost mine so I need to replace it.
    13 years and going strong. Long enough to lose track of how old it is. I’m struggling to think of a single item I’ve owned as long.
    After 13 years it was just beginning to think of retirement – few small cracks in the plastic, a few fuzzies on the nylon but still 100% functional.

    A couple times over the years I tried ‘more adult’ wallets, popular new-age wallets you see in internet advertising, and other carbon fiber wallets that claimed to be tough. I still kept coming back to my trusty ‘broken-in’ Ragged Edge wallet. It’s lighter than the new-age card stack wallets, tougher than any other wallet I’ve held, and what’s wrong with displaying some funky personality?

    I’ll be a Ragged Edge user the rest of my life

  55. David Lenz

    I have the older 4 pocket bi-fold which has endured many years of serious abuse. It is finally showing some wear on the outside bottom of the fold. It has flourished in all weather conditions and outlived many work jeans. The stitching and even the emblem are intact. It is military tough and you don’t need to baby it in any way. In the fall of 2022 I added a piece of Flex-Mend RV tape. I am sure it will last many more years of torture. It is lightweight, waterproof, odorless and the size and layout are excellent. The workmanship is second to none. All this made in America with awesome style! This is the only wallet I will use and recommend.

  56. Dave Greig

    I’m just now ordering a new wallet after buying mine in 2009. It’s put uip with a beating, and is still struvturally sound, but after 14 years of being used daily and kept in my pocket with keys/coins/etc the exterior is getting a little frayed on the edges, but otherwise it’s working just fine. The build quality and workmanship is just fantastic and I still get comments about it all the time.

  57. Steve (verified owner)

    I just bought another to replace this Ragged Edge bifold my wife bought for me for christmas in 2012! Love the wallet, and double love that it lasted 11 years of everyday use!

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