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Hipster bifold ID wallet boasts the largest card carrying capacity of our entire wallet lineup.  It transitions well to international traveling with an extra tall bill pocket that fits all currency, foreign and domestic.


laminate sailcloth repels water, sweat & grime
9 card pockets fits 20+ cards
plus dedicated ID pocket
sideways card pocket orientation
bill pocket
4.5”x 4.5”

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24 reviews for Hipster

  1. Gary

    4/10 I am 72 years old and have had many wallets in my day. The one I bought from your company 6 years ago is by far the best ever. Quality, wearability, odd ball looks and no stick pockets are several of many reasons why!
    Your only problem is it looks as good as the day I received it.

  2. Hank

    6/9 Saw my friend’s 3 year old wallet a month ago, bought myself this DYO version the same day. His wallet doesn’t look new, it looks like he’ll have it around for another 3 years. He says it’s the longest he’s ever owned the same wallet. Got my wallet a couple of weeks ago and love it. At first it was a little stiff in my pocket but now it’s not. It’s much thinner than my old wallet and better built.

  3. Chris

    6/27 It only took 10 years to actually wear out one of your wallets. I just ordered another one (DYO this time).

  4. MikeS

    7/3 Just got my new wallet in and my first impression so far is just “WOW”. holds all my crap and is incredibly thin doing so and its looks are killer. i can’t wait to get this baby broken in.

  5. David

    7/8 This wallet is great! Lots of room, its half as thick as my old wallet with all the same contents in it. Actually this one is the same thickness full as my old one is empty. Looks and feels pretty sturdy, everything fits good and snug. The stitching looks so perfectly even, no loose threads, great job.
    It just looks awesome writhe colors and patterns I chose in the dyo. I even requested options outside of the normal dyo options and they were happy to accommodate and make it a regular option in the menu for this wallet. Love it.
    These guys are good too. I messaged them lots of questions, they always responded quickly and were very helpful.
    Overall a very good experience and product.

  6. Elija

    5/12 I bought this wallet from their etsy store and hands down the best American made product you can ask for. Not only does it take a beating it looks great while it does. You also get what you pay for and more , worth every penny I paid. The staff were awesome to deal with in our emails. Bottom line you can’t go wrong with RAGGEDedge Gear products. I will be buying more from them in the near future.

  7. Jstone

    12/14 great wallet, really nice design, very fast delivery.

  8. David

    12/6 I bought this wallet back in Feb. and it is still in great shape. I have a rough job so i’m constantly up and down, this wallet still looks brand new. I just ordered a card sleeve and checkbook cover i know they will be great quality as well.

  9. DWilson

    9/18 Wicked wallet love it thanks mate.

  10. Tim

    2/22 The craftsmanship is worth very penny spent. I love this wallet and I will be doing business with them again. Shipping was fast as well but it could have taken a month to get here and I’d still be happy how damn well this wallet is made. Very pleased thanks Guys.

  11. Pete

    6/21 Wife got this for me a few years ago cause I kept trashing my leather wallets. This thing is great. Still looks awesome, stitches are holding up real well. I’ll bet I have it for a quite a few more years. Well done.

  12. Robbie

    9/28 Great wallet. Really well made. And super thin. So thin with all my stuff in it it’s thinner than my old wallet.

  13. Tom

    11/6 I like this style wallet cause the pockets all face in. Had it about 4 years now and it looks almost like new. Crazy. I think it really will last me a long long time. Going to order my sons a bright bifold so they might not lose the damn thing before it wears out.

  14. Ben

    5/2 Love this little company. They make great wallets. Had a card sleeve for years and love it, had to graduate to a big wallet and chose this style. Really well made, just like my card sleeve. Nice job guys.

  15. Frank

    2/17 What a great wallet. Was a little stiff when I got it but man has it help up super well. It’s 4 years old and looks great. Really like this company and what they’re doing and not doing…

  16. Kevin

    8/19 Finally found the perfect wallet for me! It’s durable, thin, and holds all of my cards. Looks really well made.

  17. Nick

    2/9 Love my new wallet, it arrived earlier than I had expected. Suze was wonderful, answering all my enquiries with utmost friendliness and sincerity. I will definitely treasure this wallet and look forward buying more products from this shop.

  18. Jeffrey

    10/13 I Love Your wallets ! I actually did an RFID test on the ” MEGA Wallet “. I work for the Army, and I was in the Army. I am also a Disabled Vet. RFID is VERY important to me. People will not realize what RFID is, until they have their Identity Stolen. Then they will have a Wake Up Call. I work for the Army, on a Navy Base. Corpus Christi Army Depot/ Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas. We have to swipe our Access card to get into the Bldg. I also had my best friend at work watch, so that I had a witness. I had nothing in my wallet, during the test, except for the Access card that we all need to enter our Bldg. I tested it 5 different times, placing the access card in 5 different areas in the wallet. We knew that if this wallet did work, that during the test we should not hear the entry sound. I can tell you that it worked with flying colors. I have tested other ” RFID ” wallets, that also said they had RFID as well. Well, these other wallets failed miserably. There are a lot of ” Knock-Off ” wallets out there, that say they have RFID, when they really do not. I’m very happy to say that your wallet worked perfectly ! This is the main reason why I will continue to buy your wallets. Keep doing what you guys do best.

  19. Szozz

    8/9 Well designed and constructed. Cards go in sideways so they are more evenly distributed and the wallet stays flat. This wallet is dimensionally larger than “traditional” wallets, and it seems a bit strange at first, but you’ll overcome that quickly. The sailcloth material is stiff but soon conforms to the curve of your butt. I used to have pain from sitting on my old “ball” wallet; no more with the RE Hipster wallet – it really does save your ass.

    The price is steep, but it looks likes this thing is super-durable and built to last a lifetime. Just get it.

  20. Ronald

    3/16 Fantastic craftsmanship, durable and convenient! The wallet has plenty of slots for my credit cards and with the RFID protection, I feel secure wherever I am around the world! I highly recommend RAGGEDedgeGear!!!

  21. Aja

    2/14 Second wallet. Have had a bifold for 4 years. Now I carry a few more cards so I got this hipster with RFID blocking. Looks just as well made as my first one. Fits everything I need to carry. Like the way the cards face inward. Great products.

  22. tyrone curry

    Have had mine 15 yrs …unreal! Lol
    Finally need a new one.
    You guys ROCK!!!
    Wish I could post a photo…

  23. RW

    Just order a new Hipster all black wallet. My old hipster has taken a beating for a long time, still has life in it but I over fill it and rubbed through the sail cloth. So it’s time to treat myself to a new one. Never had a wallet that holds up like this before. Built the way I like to hold my cards, cash etc. I do carry my wallet in my front pocket most of the time, the hipster works good, little big but the front pocket wallets don’t have the capabilities of what I carry in my wallet. So the Hipster is Versatile to do a back and front pocket. American MADE !! 🇺🇸

  24. Elijah L Wilson

    Love doing business with small businesses. But finding true honesty and integrity in business and people now is tough. But the crew at ragged edge deliver. I’ve carried my hipster for going on 9 yrs and hands down this is the best wallet. The wear and tear I’ve done to it over the years and it’s still holding in. And being able to make it unique is a plus. Much love for the crew. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future. I do have two boys that will need to build their own wallets soon.

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